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So my lost package arrived, Yay!! Ordered everything from the sundries section of BK. Thanks so much prettyinthekitchen!! Here’s what I bought:

IMG_20170324_1323185 Perfect little green peacoat!! *Drool

IMG_20170324_1322010Beary cute dress and a knit dress.

IMG_20170324_1319529And these lovely little skully dresses! I need to find this dress in another color for Bailey!

…One package pending…


Mail day!


I bought some things from the sundries section of BK. Two lots have arrived and I’m expecting one, possibly two more. Possibly, because one was ordered a long time ago and was pronounced “lost in the mail.” I’m hoping it’ll still make it here though.

Here’s what came:

IMG_20170321_2330036I received this dress, jacket, and 2 pairs of shoes from skullmama.

IMG_20170321_2332214all these lovely pieces came from Chantal. As well as these dresses and hats:


Super duper cute <3

Doll extravaganza!


I attended doll extravaganza yesterday. There were a few new vendors this year, and quite a few more people in attendance. It seems to be growing larger every year. I bought some goodies that I’m super thrilled with while I was there.

IMG_20170320_1203257 A super cute rocking chair, 2 mini little golden books, a tiny jointed bear, cowboy boots, and adorable smock top. I’m not sure who this top originally belonged to, but it’s so cute but on Morgan. I think it suits her so well.

IMG_20170320_1204071 I also bought this Hello Kitty bento re-ment set.

IMG_20170320_1205476And a couple new pairs of shoes!

IMG_20170320_1204513…And this Kon charm! So cute ^•^

Happy Valentine’s day!




Coralie wearing LIV doll boots, tights, shirt, vest and scarf. A tutu I made, a hat given to me in my winter holiday Blythe swap, and some new glasses from my Valentines day Blythe swap!

Blythe swap – Valentines day!


My Valentines day Blythe swap package arrived on Wednesday! Thank you so much Jordan!! Everything is so beautiful, check it out:

Bailey in a lovely silk ball gown, with sparkly black bolero, and white tulle underskirt,  she’s also wearing matching hair clips :D

And here’s Morgan in a super cute pleated skirt with a white tulle underskirt, and an adorable cashmere sweater! Again the outfit came with cute matching ladybug hairclips. Jordan also included a pair of heartshaped glasses, and some Hershey’s chocolate kisses.

I love my new outfits! Thanks again Jordan!

And here’s what I sent:

img_20170126_1718201img_20170126_1721384this is a 6 piece set – a white long sleeve turtleneck, white socks, and a white crinoline petticoat (under the skirt), a red skirt, a red apron with rose detail, and a little rose crown accented with pearls.

img_20170126_1720409 This is a 4 piece set – pink socks, pink to periwinkle gradient tulle petticoat, frilly patterned dress, with a matching headband and bracelets.

img_20170126_1722020and a close up of the little pink Dreamcatcher I made ^•^

Merry Christmas!



Blythe swap – Winter holiday!


My winter holiday Blythe swap arrived today! First up is Coralie in a lovely new dress, purse, a hat that doubles as a bolero, handmade jewelry and socks.

Here’s Morgan modeling a new dress and stripey red and white socks, and Bailey in a tank, miniskirt combo with super cute cherry socks :3


I also received this cute pure neemo bathing suit set, another set of handmade jewelry and socks! I had wanted lots of socks! Thanks so much Claudia!

I put the halter dress on my custom LIV, fits perfectly! And looks great with her new pink eyes.

I’ll update with pictures of the package I sent to Claudia once she receives it :D Claudia’s package has arrived safely! Here’s what I sent (minus the couch, carpet, and shelf):