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Crown giveaway!!


Hey! So I’ve been making these awesome crowns lately and I was hoping I could get some feedback on them. Please let me know what you like or dislike about them and which one you like best. Everyone who leaves a comment is eligible to win a crown completely free! I’m going to announce a winner Sunday March 4.


Thanks so much for looking and best of luck!!


I’ve numbered the contestants as such:

1. Fee   2. Fallenangel   3. Aminttulip  4. Echeu 5. Anne

Than I just popped over to And our WINNER is #3 Aminttulip!!!


Dolly mail!!!


I went on an internet shopping spree all through December and treated myself to a bunch of doll things I’d been pining for all year. A sort of a Christmas present to myself :D   I wanted to wait to post this until they all arrived but my coolcat order is taking forever to get here. So I’m going to share everything else that has arrived and post the coolcat order later.

I ordered a pair of custom hats from erikosemporium. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Sarah and her hats are so beautiful, so cute, oh so nice! I really really love my new hats!! I also ordered a pair of winter coats from blablablythe. They’re so gorgeous, the details are just immaculate and they’re so well made. The last package to arrive was an eBay purchase from a seller called thestylehome. I ordered a set of 3 dresses, all identical in make and type of fabric used, but in 3 different colors. They are so awesome! A bit stringy on the inside, but I trimmed them all and I’m just so happy with them. I’m considering buying another set : b


Also, I’m thinking of doing a giveaway for a free hand made crown or flower crown!!

Blythe Swap – Valentine’s day


My swap package arrived, here’s what I received.IMG_20180219_1322253IMG_20180219_1552436

Thank you so much Elizabeth, everything is so perfect I love it!!

And here’s what I sent.IMG_20180113_1451468IMG_20180113_1442002IMG_20180113_1536077

Hope you like everything Elizabeth, and thank you again <3 Happy valentine’s day!!!

Happy Valentine’s day!







New factory girl from yiyimylove, she belongs to my sister but stays at my place. My sister dressed her up in this super cute ensemble!!

Dolly updates


Hello! My pure neemo xs body arrived!! as well as a stand for Zoey, and a little surprise that I’ll leave til the end of the post.

I finally got around to taking pictures of my girls with the new body, new chips and some new pulls. So first up is Bailey with her Kon charms:IMG_20180126_1857182Sooo cute! I am loving this winter coat on her.

Next is Morgan who I had always wanted to give more green eyechips…IMG_20180126_1900017…but I’m not really feeling these pale green ones on her :/ I’d like to get some olive green ones for her… I want to replace most of her eyechips but I just can’t figure out what colors to pick.

So, I had mentioned in a previous post that I planned to rebody Zoey with a pure neemo body but I tried it out and didn’t really like it on her.IMG_20180126_1857291so Coralie got it! And I love it on her, it suits her tiny cuteness!! She also had some boggling done and a gaze lift!

Zoey finally got new chips. Grey-blue blue ones, and teal ones.

And these are the other two she came with.

I’m super happy with all of them! I think they all make her look different, the grey-blue ones look sophisticated, the teal ones look flirty, the blue front facing are really cute, and the orange ones look quirky :3 but they all make her look adorable!


Surprise! I bought another factory girl. She is a gift for my sister. She dressed her but we didn’t have long to play. I’ll give her a proper introduction in another post.

Blythe swap – Winter Celebration!


My winter celebration swap gift arrived, here’s what I received:

IMG_20171212_1140214I adore these postcards! Can’t wait to send them out next year :b

IMG_20171212_1312443Zoey in the new dress! It looks so great on her! Thank you so much for everything Jane, I love everything!

Here’s what I sent:IMG_20171116_1258488…minus the boots.

IMG_20171116_1259377The presents can all be unwrapped and have little toys, candles, mini strings of Christmas lights and a tea set inside :D   I made the little “woodbot”, his tiny Santa hat comes off so he doesn’t have to be festive year round :b

IMG_20171115_1628014Close up of the mini dress and necklace. The dress has a single button and loop closure in the back and the necklace is made of stretchy string, so it can be pulled up over her body. I thought this style of dress and beaded necklace would really complement my partners “jazz age” themed dolls and photo stories!!  Check her out @ Blythequake Thanks again Jane, and I hope you like your gift!