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Bailey 2.0


Yay!!!! I finally got my 800 + 1000 grit sandpaper, so I wet sanded Bailey’s face pretty smooth. There are a few scratches around her mouth and nose that I couldn’t quite sand away, but I was starting to erase details in her lips so I figured I need a fine sanding tool of some kind…   I’m fine with it anyhoo, I’m just glad to have her done up :D  She probably won’t stay like this, but I’m trying it out for now. And just a reminder that I’m not using sealant of any kind :)IMG_20170810_1114509IMG_20170810_1115520IMG_20170810_1116108IMG_20170810_1113140I’m crazy about the winged eyeliner and septum piercing… but my eyeshadow is super patchy, it was darker but I took most of it off :b   I learned a bunch of things and am excited to try again

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