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Blythe swap – Movie magic


I had taken a break from swaps while I was moving, but since finding my self a bit more settled I decided to sign up for the May swap – movie magic! I was so excited to participate in this theme, especially after finding out that my swap partner and I have a handful of favorite movies in common. We both listed The nightmare before Christmas as a favorite and Michelle mentioned that she liked sci-fi movies and Disney’s “Up” (another favorite movie of mine!) Upon reading this I was instantly inspired to make an “Up” themed dress, with a cute little house being carried away by a cloud of balloons! Here’s Coralie modeling my creation, I’m calling the “Up dress”:

IMG_20170526_1822531IMG_20170527_1545109I’m so happy with how it came together!! The set includes the dress, socks, necklace, hair pin, adventure book prop, and a dog with a removable leash.

Next I wanted to add some sci-fi to my package. I had some silver material that was perfect for making an “otherworldly” outfit. I constructed a wrap dress with red toggle bead closures. I then made a little pair of silver bloomers and a tulle skirt to fill out the dress. Lastly I included a pair of antenna hair clips, and a star necklace. Here’s Bailey as a galactic girl.


Lastly, I wanted to add something nightmare before Christmas themed! My man suggested I make Sally’s dress from the movie, so I began thinking of ways to go about making one. I decided I’d try painting the pattern on white fabric. I than hand sewed all the little stitches. Here’s how it looks on Morgan:

IMG_20170526_1823230IMG_20170527_1547444I love it! And had a blast making it. I’ve never tried painting on fabric before, it was fun and I really like the outcome!

I made/included a couple of other little things in Michelle’s package. Including this hama bead alien brooch, in human and Blythe size.  The human sized one has a standard pin back, whereas the Blythe sized one is magnetic.


Thanks for reading!


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  1. anneheathen permalink
    07/20/2017 3:47 am

    What a great swap package! I am so impressed with your hand-painted Sally dress – really nicely done!!

    • 07/23/2017 8:30 am

      Thank you so much, I love doing swaps! I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy painting clothing as much as I did! It’s so much fun!

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