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Dolly updates


I have been working on a bunch of dolly things lately, (doing Blythe swaps always inspires me to do more creative things ) new outfits, new props, 2 new room boxes. I’ve also been working more on Bailey, my custom Prima dolly ginger.

I made some eBay purchases: a Licca body, 3 sets of coolcat eye chips, a coolcat scalp, and a pair of cute socks (coolcat was also so kind and included an extra set of eye chips, they’re the purple ones)

I also attended the fiber festival and picked up some roving wool (so excited to try needle felting!) And some really nice mohair locks for Bailey’s new hair! (Just need to dye it)

So despite my best efforts both my stock girls have had their heads open -•-  While changing eyechips I dropped an eyechip in Morgan’s head so I had to retrieve it. I didn’t fully open her up but just enough to shake the eyechip out. I was having a heck of a time taking Coralie’s green chips out with the glue stick method. I tried multiple times and on the last attempt I got a bit of glue stuck on the chip… and I made the mistake of pulling her pullsting, which caused her eye mech to get stuck, ugh…. So, I opened her up (which was super easy, much easier then Bailey or Morgan) tried the glue stick method one more time and was successful in getting one of the green chips out, the other I had to use a screw to remove. But all is well everyone’s back in one piece and now have snazzy new eyes :3


Stubborn chip!

Bailey was rebodied, I exchanged her brown, pink, and silver sparkly chips with realistic looking grey chips, grey with a bluish shine coolcat chips, and grey coolcat chips with a green background. Here’s how she looks:


I also carved her to lip a bit more and am waiting on more sandpaper, so please excuse her scratchy looking face :s

Morgan had her pink chips changed out for brown ones, they look so great on her. I’d like to give her the set of teal chips, but I’m not sure which set to replace, I’m quite fond of her blue, orange, and green chips.


And Coralie had her pink chips removed so I could a put a piece of pink foil on the back making them look sparkly and more pink. I also took out her brown chips and put a brown background behind them making them darker. And I swapped those pain in the butt green chips for some lovely oxford blue coolcat chips with an enlarged pupil, I also put some sparkly silver foil behind these ones as well.

Super stoked on these new chips, and I’m loving Bailey on the Licca body, it suits her :3

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