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Blythe – new outfits


I was curious to see how my Blythe dolls looked in some monster high boys clothes that I had, and some vintage Barbie(or Skipper) items I recently acquired. Here are my girls modeling some “new” outfits.


They fit so well! I love the MH bomber jacket, and the black collared shirt!



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  1. anneheathen permalink
    10/16/2016 8:34 pm

    Oh, I love these! The white button-down style shirt is so perfect. The checkerboard cardigan is also so cute (I’d wear it myself!).

    • 10/17/2016 12:25 am

      I’m surprised it took me so long to try MH boys clothes for Blythe, they fit so perfectly… Well the pants are a bit long, but still a great fit, and the jacket and cardigan are perfect layering pieces.

      • anneheathen permalink
        10/17/2016 12:26 am

        I never thought to try them – I will have to pick some up! :) Thanks for the tip!

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