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New stuff :3


I’ve moved, gotten my animals settled, and am slowly unpacking all my dolly and craft supplies.

I made a few eBay purchases. 2 have arrived and I’m still waiting on 2, but I’m so freakin’ happy with these, I needed to share.

I bought a set of 5 different style blank eyechips, to paint my own customs. The discription on eBay wasn’t really the greatest, but they were cheap so I figured even if they didn’t fit, it wouldn’t be a huge loss. But they’re perfect :3  I popped the set with the large pupil in to Ginger’s right facing slots with a foil background. Just to see how they fit ;) I really like them, and can’t wait to try painting some!   *Note: They are not self adhesive, which is great :)


I also bought a set of 7 different coloured hair bands for Blythe. There is a pink one, red, black, white, cream, light blue, and olive green, they are soooo cute, and a great deal!!


Here are the other colors <^•^>

I am loving the contrast of my 2 dolls, but I’m having a difficult time photographing it :/  any tips are very welcome.. Maybe if I matted her?

I want to change out a few of Cherie’s eye chips, and her lashes. I’m thinking she should have feathery, dark brown lashes. I like her brown and blue chips but I think I prefer chips with a foil back… Plus I have these blank chips, I want to try a few realistic looking chips :3 yay excited

Have a good one!

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  1. 05/22/2016 12:35 pm

    I love that flowery dress, and the headbands are nice, as well as your girls!


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