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Ma chère


I recently sold my “Integrity toys” Stormer doll (which I was soooo happy to do, I always had regrets about buying her :s ) freeing up some dolly funds, so I began browsing Mandrake, CCT and eBay for a red haired Blythe! Not too many are available and even less in my price range, but after a few days of comparing stock outfits vs. Hair colour and length vs. skin colour and face mold; I had decided on Friendly Freckles :)  She was being sold on eBay for about $300 CDN (including shipping) but before I had the chance to load funds on my account she sold to somebody else :'( … So I continued browsing and after finding and another FrFr for considerably more than $300 I decided that I might just settle on a used Prairie Posie from Mandrake.  But before settling I checked all the sites one more time… To find that this doll had come back in stock!

Neo-Blythe-Cherie-Babette-doll (1)

Cherie had been on my radar, as I REALLY wanted a translucent girl, but I just wasn’t sure about her strange puffy pink lips, brown bob, no shoes and limited stock.

But after reading her description I realized Cherie and I have something in common, we both love Paris! I recently went on a trip to Europe for my birthday :D My most-amazing-partner-ever took me skiing in Zermatt for 4 days, we spent the day in Champagne for my champagne birthday  (which is when you turn the age of the date you were born on) then sight seeing for 7 days in beautiful Paris!!!  I’ve been to Paris twice now and I love it! The city so lovely, old architecture, narrow cobblestone streets, outdoor vendors, and amazing food!!

I picked her up from the post office on the second, so she’s been with me a little while now, and I just adore her ^•^ Her kigarumi is so adorable, with its padded tummy and little tail :3 Her hair needs a wash but I love the style and texture. I’ve come around to her puffy pink lips, they’re still not my favorite, the colour is OK but the puffy-ness isn’t really my taste, but I love her blushy cheeks, her brown eyes are pretty and suit her nicely. Here she is with her bff Ginger (or maybe Bailey, or Zoe… Miranda? I’m still working out names :b) both wearing a new dress and skirt, made by me :D


G: “I’ve got 2 strings.” C: “I’ve only got 1.” :( G: “Well your one is very pretty, maybe mommy will get you another”


I’m rather proud of this dress, it turned out being a little smaller than I wanted (it fits my monster high dolls) but I’m still a sewing nube. I have yet to put any Velcro or snaps or anything to close up the back, it just stays in place. I’ve been sewing quite a bit, but haven’t had the necessary tools to finish my projects :s I have ordered some Velcro and bought some bias tape, lace and tiny buttons. Once I’ve moved and settled I hope to wrap up my “wips” and share them with you.

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  1. 05/09/2016 11:22 pm

    Congrats on your new girl! CB is so cute and unique ^^

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