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Doll extravaganza!


Winnipeg doll extravaganza was this past Sunday, March 20th. So much fun ^_^ My sister and I went together and we brought Ginger along. I was really excited and a bit nervous to bring her out, but she was really well received! I had lots of questions asked about her, and everyone I introduced her to loved seeing her eyes change! It was really amazing to talk to some fellow doll lovers about our passion :b Here is Ginger entering the show:


This is actually her leaving the show, we took pictures towards the end. I bought her this hat from a vendor called Aunt Monica’s attic, it’s very cute and super nicely made :3 it came with a lovely little hat box too!


My sister was on a mission to meet all the ball jointed dolls at the show, I think there were about 6. Before leaving we noticed a group of bjd collector’s in the lobby outside the show and she asked if we could snap a quick picture of our doll with their lovely dolls. So here she is with 4 new friends!


She looks a bit nervous :b…. And here are a few pictures of the goods I bought:

I bought this adorable TY beanie baby rabbit named “hippity”. A very cute purple sheep, from Japan, according to the vendor. She mentioned that she had bought all her items from Japan and was planning another trip in April! The amigurumi rabbit and amazing little knit blanket are from the same very talented vendor. The little snail on the blanket is what sold me on it, so cute!! I had visited her table a bunch before actually buying the blanket, being so indisicive, so glad I went with this one I love it!

Picked up these tiny Polly pockets.


Ginger got 6 new pairs of shoes.

2 Cute toki doki unicorns, and 3 new mini lalaloopsies! I love these unicorns, the rastacorn ^•^ oh my so cute!!


Happy dolly day.

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  1. 03/22/2016 7:13 pm

    The doll convention looked like so much fun!! I need to look into one in my area.. I know there’s a toy fair but I think I would need to have an exclusive pass. Such a great shoe score!

  2. 03/23/2016 4:09 am

    That little purple sheep is so cute!

    I have *got* to remember to pre-register for the local doll show this year! (Assuming it’s still around…) It’s more BJD oriented than anything else, but…still, I’d think there’d be lots of cool stuff in the dealer’s room, regardless. (Besides, I’ll be getting actual resin BJDs about the same time as the con…)

    • 03/23/2016 5:34 am

      Thank you! Doll shows are so much fun, even if your not necessarily into the majority of the dolls being shown :D just talking with like minded individuals is the best!

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