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Ginger – Update



Funny story, I was taking pictures on my deck, when a neighbor pulled up. I completely lost my nerve and ran in the house, turns out he was getting his mail from the box on the corner :S I really wanted to catch the last of the snow, and it was beautiful picture taking weather, so I worked up my courage and got some lovely shots. Oh this is a new hat I made =D I call it the scruffy kitty hat.

IMG_20160321_140241Lalaloopsy room ^•^ just missing one of my mini dolls, I haven’t unboxed her yet.

I have been working more and more on Ginger (until I think of a better fitting name) I swapped around her eyechips, and replaced some with a few I made.^•^

She now has right facing greens with reflective foil behind, front facing dark browns with gold paint behind to give highlights, left facing pinky purples which are light grey chips with a pinkish reflective foil behind, and front facing purpley blue chips made from darker grey chips with a purple reflective foil behind. I love them all :D



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