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The Liebster Award



The Rules

  1. Thank the person who presented you the award and link back to their blog.
  2. Post the award image on your blog.
  3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.
  4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers.
  5. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer.
  6. List these rules in your post.
  7. Inform the people you chose of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog and link them your post.

Thanks so much for nominating me Olive! Olive of knottedthings she asks:

  1. How did you get into the doll hobby?….. About a year and a half, almost 2 years now my little sisters 8th birthday approached. She had just gotten into monster high dolls and I was browsing the web for that perfect new monster high doll for her… The more I looked into these dolls, the more I wanted one of my own. I loved their tiny details, and the ghoulish look of the dolls. I ended up buying original Meowlody and Purrsephone for my sister, and I found a nice used Spectra for myself, after that I couldn’t stop looking at dolls!
  2. What is your favorite brand of doll?… Hmmm this is tough, at the moment, probably Blythe, but I’ve been really in love with my LIV and Moxie teenz too. They have such poseable bodies, are still able to be customized… and are relatively easy to find, plus much cheaper than Blythe! But if I could find Blythe more easily I would have a ton of these dolls!!
  3. Do your dolls share anything in common with one another?………… Yes, they all have eyes, haha, no I don’t think that my dolls have too much in common, each of my dolls have a different personality and I try to dress and style them accordingly.
  4. Do you have a Grail doll? If so, which one is it?……. Yikes! I have a long list of dolls that I would like to own. Top three are 5th Motif – Venitu, Pukifee – Ante, and a new Blythe with emerald colored hair (doesn’t have to be Alexis emerald, but same hair color) or lavender hair, or Vinter Arden :D the list goes on…
  5. Pick your favorite doll line – what attributes do you hope their next release will have?…….. Blythe, and I hope they become more available in Canada. Otherwise Takara seems to be doing a good job, I love collaborative dolls!
  6. Have you learned a new craft because of being in the hobby?…….. Learning to paint on dolls.
  7. Who is your favorite doll in your collection?…….. My Blythe Ginger, and my trio of lightly customized MT dolls.
  8. Who is your favorite customizer, face-up artist, or do you prefer your dolls completely stock or with the factory face-up?……….. I don’t have a favorite customizer, but I follow a blog of an amazing faceup artist Ruggedrealism
  9. Who would you like to see your doll brand do a collaboration with? I want a better Tokidoki Blythe!
  10. What doll related project do you hope to do in the future? Finish my current projects, my tree house and make a dungeon!
  11. How big of a role does blogging have for you in relation to this hobby? Its basically just to have a community of other doll collectors to share with.

I’ve also been nominated by lotsofluckdolls she asks:

Q: What was the first doll in your collection that you still have now?        A: Spectra Vondergeist from the 13 wishes playset

Q: Do you have any lines/brands where you want to get any doll from that line, regardless of who it is?        A: yes, a Blythe doll.

Q: Best/ most interesting new doll line in the last 5 years?        A: I’d probably say monster high.

Q: Most ambitious doll-related project?           A: Carving my Blythe &  LIV wig cap reroot.

Q: How do the people you are close to feel/act about your interest in dolls?  Has anyone been mean? Or surprised you by being nice?        A: No one has been mean or rude, mostly people just try to ignore my dolls and avoid talking about them :b

Q: Do you have any stories of sibling/pet related doll destruction?         A: Yes, one of my lovely LIV Alexis’ is missing a pointer finger on the right hand :o  I’m not sure if my rabbit Abella bit it off or my chinchilla Nala, both of them got lose in my doll room at one point, and I didn’t notice right away.

Q: Do you have a mini me doll? If not, are you planning on making/getting one?          A: Yes, mini Miss Bunns.

Q: Does realism matter to you in a doll?         A: Not really, I like realistic dolls and really extream and “out there” dolls.

Q: Do you have a preferred doll size?               A: I like how big my Gooliope and giant Frankie are, and my Moxie teenz. I think a bit bigger might be nice. I also really like tiny dolls. I have 2 lil’ bratz dolls in my collection because they’re just so tiny.

Q: Is there a certain ‘look’ that your dolls have in common?         A: not really

Q: What other hobbies do you have?            A: I play video games, mostly for my 3Ds, I keep fish, drawing & painting, cooking & baking.

Thanks so much for the nomination lotsofluckdolls!

I’m nominating :






And my questions are:

  1. What is the first doll in your collection?
  2. Do you have a favorite doll from your collection?
  3. How many dolls do you have in your collection?
  4. What is your favourite part of doll collecting?
  5. Do you collect anything else?
  6. Do you have any dolly regrets, a doll or other item you wish you hadn’t gotten?
  7. Would you have a doll themed as your favorite food?
  8. Would you have a doll themed as your favorite animal?
  9. How do you feel about zombie dolls?
  10. Do you perfer stock or customized dolls?
  11. Do you have a grail doll?
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  1. 02/04/2016 9:44 am

    I really enjoyed reading your responses ^^ I also think of blogging as a way to talk with people in the community.


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