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Adventures in faceplate carving.


I decided to try and give my Blythe a new face, it might not be easy to see from the pictures (doesn’t help that I didn’t take “real” before photos) but these are the things I’ve done:

– opened her eye holes a bit, especially at the top (to allow her eyelids to close without scraping her eyelids, which I plan to paint.)

– I sloped the bridge of her nose a bit more, as well as narrowed it just a bit. I also carved her deeper nostrils.

– carved her philtrum, making it more noticeable.

– I sanded down her bottom lip quite a bit, to remove some lines that had been carved by her previous owner. I also carved under the bottom lip. She had a lot of tool marks there, from her last carve job, that needed to be sanded away.

– I sanded her chin to give her a more defined cleft.

– I deepened her one dimple. I don’t plan on giving her a second one. What I did do was upturned her lip (more) on the dimple side, to make look like she’s giving you a half grin.

I’m really happy with how she’s turned out. I need finer sandpaper!PicsArt_1443420594894PicsArt_1443420195560

And I whipped up some hats… (my froggy stuff)


Frankie is keeping Ginger’s hair neat and tidy while Ginger has her face made over.


New room I’m working on (with tiny “wonderland” door.)

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