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Moxie teenz… makeovers!


I gave each of my moxie teens new lips and details, plus a couple new clothing items! And I found some black fur at Walmart, for a black faux fur wig!

Before and afters:

Sadie (moxie teens - Bijou)





I couldn’t get a great picture of Arizona. I wanted to try to keep her lip color and shape. (or at least the base color, she had a bit of light pink shine added on top that I didn’t like) I took off some of the lighter paint with acetone and repainted over with a bright “Barbie” pink. I gave her four gold dots across each cheek (I don’t know why, just playing around) she’s also wearing my new black wig! With Sadie and Melrose I removed the original lip color completely. I tried to give Sadie natural colored lips, and I gave her a little beauty mark under her right eye. Melrose got dark red lips and my attempt at freckles :D not perfect but cute!

And here’s the rest of the shoot:IMG_20150628_020230~2IMG_20150628_020125~2IMG_20150628_015840IMG_20150628_020209IMG_20150628_020147~2IMG_20150628_015923IMG_20150628_020037~2IMG_20150628_020055IMG_20150628_015949

I still need to flatten the bangs out :b

yay for sock sweaters (sweaters made from old socks!)

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