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My doll collection… Moxie teenz!


Here are Melrose and Bijou!!


I think I want to change they’re names though… I like Bijou, but for Melrose instead. I also like Rosemary… I’m thinking maybe Sadie/Zadie for Bijou. Let me know what you think… I’d love some suggestions :3 Bijou is wearing a monster high create a monster wig and Headmistress Bloodgood’s boots, and a new Barbie top. I made her hat, black bangle bracelets and ring. Melrose is wearing what I believe to be a Barbie top. I made her a ring from a single blue bead and copper wire and an earring made from a small plastic hook attached to a feather.

Unfortunately, Bijou’s shirt was very dirty and even after a very thorough, triple washing the lace details were still grey and the sleeve was split and than crudely sewn back together the little ribbon is also falling off :(  I took some pics…


I’m hoping I’ll be able to salvage it…

Plus, here they are meeting Ms. Bunns, my mini-me. The new Barbie dress I got fits the liv dolls great!


The rest of the Barbie clothes and accessories I got did not work out so fantastically…


The pants were too big for the Liv’s and too small for the moxie girls. All the shoes wouldn’t work for the liv dolls, I was so hopeful that the flats would fit. Oh well. I took a couple pictured just to show how cute these sets are…


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