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I haven’t had much of a chance to blog lately, mostly due to the baby chinchillas, and there being so many of them. Usually chinchillas only have a baby or 2, and it seemed Nala wasn’t making enough milk to feed 4. To make matters worse the babies were fighting, and one baby was bit pretty badly. So I’ve been busy hand feeding 2 babies human baby formula (every 2-3 hours), and rinsing the other, bit baby’s eye with saline so it doesn’t heal shut….

But all is well.. The babies have gotten their appetites back, so now I can just swap which babies are with the mother every 3 hours… And the baby that was hurt is healing very well and still has 2 eyes :D yay! (I’ll add pics of them soon)…. And here they are:

Top to bottom: littlest, medium, larger..... Largest is being wild

Top to bottom: littlest, medium, larger….. Largest is being wild

This is the largest baby :3 chubby chipmunk

This is the largest baby :3 chubby chipmunk

From the back :P

From the back :P

And this is to compare the littlest baby to the biggest, they're both grey... Can you tell the difference :P

And this is to compare the littlest baby to the biggest, they’re both grey… Can you tell the difference :P

The white one is the only boy, and the white and brownish one is the one that had it’s face bit. She’s much better now and her fur is starting to grow back :D The one unfortunate thing is that the white and brown baby hates the white baby, and will attack him if I put them together… Wonder if that’s who bit her….

My “new” liv dolls arrived… And I’m very impressed with the condition these dolls are in, joints are stiff, no marks or scuffs…. With the exception of one Daniella, she had a bit of bright pink paint on her that stained her face (minimally, I took a pic).IMG_20150205_190049

Not too noticeable….

The wigs needed a good shampooing and conditioning, after, they were so smooth and easy to style. The clothing included is like new…. One sweater even had a small tag holding the scarf to it still. I also received a couple extra bits, not pictured in the ad, and a little note….


There’s a purse, scarf, shiny red top, shiny blue dress, and sparkly fishnet light pink tights. The red top doesn’t fit the liv dolls (let’s hope it’ll fit my moxie teenz) but the dress and tights fit wonderfully :3 I’ll model all the clothes…. Later. The package also included a plaid shirt, that doesn’t really fit the girls but…. IMG_20150206_234737IMG_20150206_234948

… It fits Justin Bieber

I think it looks petty cute :3

I’ll post pics of the new dolls and wigs in another post, so it can be a “doll collection ” themed post.

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