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I normally have such a difficult time bidding on eBay, I prefer the “buy it now” feature. But… In the case of moxie teenz, it seemed finding a nice one I would need to be bidding.

I have had my eye on the auction for at least 4 days, and it just closed…. And I won!! I am so excited :3 I haven’t had the chance to blog lately (babies and all) but I’m just so pumped I had to share right away!

$_3 (4)$_3 (5)$_3 (6)$_3 (7)

This is Bijou and Melrose, both original release. I have wanted these dolls (plus Tristen) so bad. They fit liv wigs (so no problem that Bijou is missing hers.) I love Bijou’s outfit, it’s so hippie-esque. I don’t know too much about what clothes fit them, but I’ve read that stretchy barbie clothes work, hopefully I’ll find melrose a shirt. Can’t wait for them to get here :3

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