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My doll collection… Monster high


I recently rearranged my dolls, I’m actually still in the process, but I wanted to share my doll collection. So here’s part 1… (Or technically 2 if you count the haunting of Spectra Vondergeist)


I have a couple in boxes, Porter and Lorna will probably never come out… I bought them thinking I really liked the look of them but… It’s funny I wasn’t going to get Marisol Coxi, and I was dead set on Lorna McNessie. I’m SO glad I bought Mari in the end she’s awesome, I <3 her big feet!


These guys are just waiting to be opened… I like to take my time. I got these guys just before Christmas, sort of an early present…. Now late :P

Spectra and Ghoulia "room" shelves.

Spectra and Ghoulia “room” shelves.


And only 2 Ever after high dolls. I bought Apple second hand (in perfect condition, with the box and all accessories) I actually traded for her… Long story…. I took out her little bun though I thought it looked silly. I’m a sucker for dolls with unique body sculps, and that’s why I got Cedar. She’s so cute, I love those ringlets.

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  1. 02/04/2015 4:05 pm

    Who’s the skeleton looking mh doll with blue hair? I recognise the other skeleton girl, but not her

  2. 02/05/2015 4:43 am

    Ah, thats why I dont know the character then :) nice collection

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