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Treehouse cont.


So I began to paper mâché the treehouse. I opted for the glue and water mix rather than the flour and water recipe, I don’t know if it would have made a difference… But I didn’t add enough glue to my mix, and as my paper mâché dried it began to peel… So I covered it in more glue. It seems to be working, its been like 3 days, I’ve been spraying it with a bit of water and layering the glue on with a large paint brush in the places where the paper was peeling….

So that sorta sucked, it took a long time but finally it’s coming back together :3 and with all that time not spent paper mâchéing I made a bunch of “props” for my treehouse…. Made with ideas from my froggy stuff, again. Watch video here: IMG_20150128_140805

"Laila" Ooak Liv Alexis doll

“Laila” Ooak Liv Alexis doll

I just love getting in this Alexis dolls face, she’s so cute!

So…… I felt sorta bad about posting a treehouse post without pictures of the actual treehouse, so here they are added late.


I still have to do the tree and some details on the house.

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  1. 02/11/2015 5:35 am

    That’s great! If I didn’t have a cat that I’m pretty sure would terrorize them in the treehouse, I’d try that!

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