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A house fit for a doll…


So, I’m in the process of making a sweet tree house for my dolls. I saw the idea on myfroggystuff (watch video here: and needed to have one. I started by drawing out a rough layout design; I figured out what exactly I wanted, how big and tall I wanted everything to be, and how I could make it ALL fit in a reasonable amount of space ;3

I began making it before Christmas and have only now have had the chance to get back to it. I took a couple if shots of the work in progress…. My dolls have already claimed their new chill spot :P

IMG_20150115_022306IMG_20150116_145116 IMG_20150116_145226 IMG_20150116_144852 IMG_20150116_144818 IMG_20150116_144755

Yes my Christmas tree is in the background… I’m working on getting it down :3

I piled up 5, I think, maybe 6, pieces of card board to make a sturdy base, the house its self is only 2 pieces thick. After attaching the house to the base I realize that my plans are going to have to change a little if I want this to work.

IMG_20150118_194927 IMG_20150118_194617 IMG_20150118_194942

I glued on the roof/ floor for second story, and I’m working on the wall…Remember to cut windows before glueing together layers for the wall…. I almost forgot as I put together the wall for the second story :o

"Bring it on over..."

“Bring it on over…”

I glued on the second story… But I’ll unveil that tomorrow :3  Peace’s

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