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I hadn’t had an Oreo cookie since I was a kid but the other day I had an intense craving for chocolaty cookies and super sweet double stuffed creamy icing. I went out, and to my dismay the store was all out of double stuffed. So, I settled for a 550g bag of regular Oreos. My boyfriend making the first “Double stuffed” for me, by taking the tops off 2 and sticking the iced sides together, had quite a time twisting the halves apart, pulling the sides with his teeth as it crumbled away from the icing, losing half of the icing in the battle. Discouraged, I take out a cookie myself to try, I grab hold of either side and go in for a TV worthy, iconic twist, and what happens, nothing! I cant twist the sides apart! “Bullsh*t!” I say aloud. I finally twist so hard the one side breaks in half. I eat this small triumph, its not very good. I bite into the broken cookie to get a taste with the icing… Still not very good… I think to myself ‘These were WAY better when I was a kid!’ My Boyfriend agrees, but we still end up eating half of them in the crave, all of them broken. The next day I go to have one and its crap, I decide I need to know whats making these cookies so crappy. So I read the Ingredients: “sugar, enriched wheat flour, coconut oil shortening, vegetable oil and modified palm with TBHQ and citric acid or vegetable oil shortening (vegetable, modified palm, modified palm kernel), cocoa, corn starch, glucose, salt, soya lecithin, sodium bicarbonate, artificial flavor.” Mmmmmm 2 of those things are even wrong in your spell check. When did Mr. Christie start putting TBHQ in his cookies? And why? That’s butane!?! I understand it perserves the cookie, but how long do these cookies really need to last? Longer then us? Lots of people eat Oreos I’m sure we go through them fast enough… Please STOP putting NASTY things in my cookies Kraft, “vegetable oil and modified palm with TBHQ and citric acid or vegetable oil shortening (vegetable, modified palm, modified palm kernel).” How many differnet kinds of shortening do we need? And what do you mean “or vegetable oil shortening”? that there might be a little of both of those, but more likely the one with TBHQ? Why not just stick to the coconut oil shortening, So the cookies might go bad quicker, I’ll buy more! But forget about the artificial flavor. Oreos are CHOCOLATE COOKIES with ICING, where do you need artificial flavor?

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