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Stating the obvious… Before I even knew it.


Since my mom got her dog Buffy, a beige lhasa apso, I’ve called her either Pooky, or Pookah. Buffy’s second favorite to my mom is me, and she makes that very clear… She doesn’t even really like me its just that I’m better then everyone else that’s not my mom… to her. Anytime my mom is home if I call Buffy she’ll run away, or if I try to take her away from my mom she’ll growl… The most entertaining is if I hit my mom she’ll bark and try attacking me. All in all this dogs a little bitch to me.
Once I had a dream once that I was chasing her and all of a sudden she turned around and turned into a little gremlin-like creature, that started to attack my face… I’m pretty sure this is just my mind acknowledging the fact that she hates me.
So anyway… the funny part… I’m trying to find a good name for the girl chinchilla I’m getting and I come across this:

– Púki (Icelandic) – malevolent little person
– Púca (Welsh) – Shapeshifting animal spirit

I KNEW IT… Bitch

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