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Bailey 2.0


Yay!!!! I finally got my 800 + 1000 grit sandpaper, so I wet sanded Bailey’s face pretty smooth. There are a few scratches around her mouth and nose that I couldn’t quite sand away, but I was starting to erase details in her lips so I figured I need a fine sanding tool of some kind…   I’m fine with it anyhoo, I’m just glad to have her done up :D  She probably won’t stay like this, but I’m trying it out for now. And just a reminder that I’m not using sealant of any kind :)IMG_20170810_1114509IMG_20170810_1115520IMG_20170810_1116108IMG_20170810_1113140I’m crazy about the winged eyeliner and septum piercing… but my eyeshadow is super patchy, it was darker but I took most of it off :b   I learned a bunch of things and am excited to try again

Customizing dolls = fun


My little sister has gotten really into  customizing dolls and asked if we could repaint some of her monster high dolls. I thought this was the perfect way for her to enjoy them again, as she’d sort of lost interest in playing  with them. We didn’t have any sealant, and I  explained to her that the watercolor pencils wouldn’t work like they do in the repaint videos she watches :b But she was gung ho to do it regardless.

She repainted this Rochelle doll, and did a crazy awesome job!

I decided to experiment on my Frankie I’ve intended to make into a Sally custom. (please excuse her awkward and scary looking neck, lol)

I thought it went fairly well and looks pretty  good, I wanted to outline her eyes with the watercolor pencils but they wouldn’t stick XD  here are some other dolls I  painted a bit… I really like using the black I have, it dries so nicely.

I gave a LIV girl a new face too! I’ve wanted to try giving a doll splattered on freckles so badly. So here’s the resultIMG_20170803_1345243

She looks like a watercolor painting :/ I’m not really sure how I feel about the freckles they  were fun to do though.

Now I really want to practice on Bailey! I got the sandpaper I ordered finally… so we’ll see what happens.

Blythe swap – Movie magic


Hello, my movie magic swap package has yet to arrive, but my partner has received her package and I’m getting antsy to post this 😝

I will update when my package arrives ;3

I had taken a break from swaps while I was moving, but since finding my self a bit more settled I decided to sign up for the May swap – movie magic! I was so excited to participate in this theme, especially after finding out that my swap partner and I have many favorite movies in common. We both listed The nightmare before Christmas as a favorite and Michelle mentioned that she liked sci-fi movies and Disney’s “Up” (another favorite movie of mine!) Upon reading this I was instantly inspired to make an “Up” themed dress, with a cute little house being carried away by a cloud of balloons! Here’s Coralie modeling my creation, I’m calling the “Up dress”:

IMG_20170526_1822531IMG_20170527_1545109I’m so happy with how it came together!! The set includes the dress, socks, necklace, hair pin, adventure book prop, and a dog with a removable leash.

Next I wanted to add some sci-fi to my package. I had some silver material that was perfect for making an “otherworldly” outfit. I constructed a wrap dress with red toggle bead closures. I then made a little pair of silver bloomers and a tulle skirt to fill out the dress. Lastly I included a pair of antenna hair clips, and a star necklace. Here’s Bailey as a galactic girl.


Lastly, I wanted to add something nightmare before Christmas themed! My man suggested I make Sally’s dress from the movie, so I began thinking of ways to go about making one. I decided I’d try painting the pattern on white fabric. I than hand sewed all the little stitches. Here’s how it looks on Morgan:

IMG_20170526_1823230IMG_20170527_1547444I love it! And had a blast making it. I’ve never tried painting on fabric before, it was fun and I really like the outcome!

I made/included a couple of other little things in Michelle’s package. Including this hama bead alien brooch, in human and Blythe size.  The human sized one has a standard pin back, whereas the Blythe sized one is magnetic.


Thanks for reading!


Dolly shelf


I bought a new shelf for my sitting room and I’m super happy with it, only $10!


It’s got the perfect spot on top to display my little room box.IMG_20170614_1258470I just love the little curved details on the top shelf.  I also redressed my girls :3





Package #4


My last package from my BK sundries shopping spree arrived! Truth be told it came a loooooong time ago, but I was so busy with the move and trying to get my craft room settled that I just didn’t get the chance to take pictures. Until today!

These pieces came from BlytheCarina. Thank you so much they are gorgeous! I love knits for my girls.

IMG_20170601_1209155IMG_20170601_1211288IMG_20170601_1211153I love this little sweater dress on Coralie, it’s so her style. The raincoat is super cute on her too.

IMG_20170601_1214041IMG_20170601_1208429Morgan looks so great in sweaters! This one is mohair, I believe. It’s super fluffy.

Thanks again BlytheCarina!




So my lost package arrived, Yay!! Ordered everything from the sundries section of BK. Thanks so much prettyinthekitchen!! Here’s what I bought:

IMG_20170324_1323185 Perfect little green peacoat!! *Drool

IMG_20170324_1322010Beary cute dress and a knit dress.

IMG_20170324_1319529And these lovely little skully dresses! I need to find this dress in another color for Bailey!

…One package pending…

Mail day!


I bought some things from the sundries section of BK. Two lots have arrived and I’m expecting one, possibly two more. Possibly, because one was ordered a long time ago and was pronounced “lost in the mail.” I’m hoping it’ll still make it here though.

Here’s what came:

IMG_20170321_2330036I received this dress, jacket, and 2 pairs of shoes from skullmama.

IMG_20170321_2332214all these lovely pieces came from Chantal. As well as these dresses and hats:


Super duper cute <3