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Blythe swap – Winter Celebration!


My winter celebration swap gift arrived, here’s what I received:

IMG_20171212_1140214I adore these postcards! Can’t wait to send them out next year :b

IMG_20171212_1312443Zoey in the new dress! It looks so great on her! Thank you so much for everything Jane, I love everything!

Here’s what I sent:IMG_20171116_1258488…minus the boots.

IMG_20171116_1259377The presents can all be unwrapped and have little toys, candles, mini strings of Christmas lights and a tea set inside :D   I made the little “woodbot”, his tiny Santa hat comes off so he doesn’t have to be festive year round :b

IMG_20171115_1628014Close up of the mini dress and necklace. The dress has a single button and loop closure in the back and the necklace is made of stretchy string, so it can be pulled up over her body. I thought this style of dress and beaded necklace would really complement my partners “jazz age” themed dolls and photo stories!!  Check her out @ Blythequake Thanks again Jane, and I hope you like your gift!


New girl


My first Factory Blythe arrived today!!! I bought her from a seller on ebay called yiyimylove  She was for auction, starting bid was $51.99 USD including shipping. Which was pretty cheap, so I bid and I won her with no other bidders :)  After the auction was over I received an email from yiyimylove thanking me for my purchase and letting me know that I could expect my doll in 10-20 days. She made it here in 26 days which is still pretty quick!! I’ve waited as long as 3 months for other packages to arrive. The box came a bit crushed and dirty which made me slightly nervous but she was all wrapped up in bubble wrap and completely unharmed :D

IMG_20171018_1441209I pulled her out, unwrapped her, and just fell for her. She’s precious and exactly as the depicted in the ebay ad. I picked her because I thought she looked a little bit like NosPop and I knew I wanted a girl with long black hair. She is just perfect! I love her hair it’s so soft and thickly rooted, really really nice.

Her make up is nicely coloured, the lips are just bit off center and she has a streak in her blush on one cheek, but you can hardly tell. She has really nice lashes, not regular stock blythe lashes.

She came with cloudy orange, cloudy green, light blue, and light green eyechips. My favorite are the light green, they are so pretty, and may get stolen by one of her sisters. I’m definitely going to switch out the cloudy green ones, I never really like stock green chips.


Her body is very much like my legit takaras. It’s a bit loose in the hip, but still very nice. I plan on replacing it with a pure neemo xs body in the future anyhoo. Sooo happy with my new girl!! Absolutely no complaints! I highly recommend yiyimylove, their dolls are awesome quality and amazingly priced!

IMG_20171018_1449518I think I want to call her Zoey.

Bailey 3.0


I gave Bailey a new faceup, I’m really happy with how it looks :3

IMG_20170820_1213553IMG_20170820_1213373IMG_20170820_1213313I also made her this tiny chain mail shirt!

Bailey 2.0


Yay!!!! I finally got my 800 + 1000 grit sandpaper, so I wet sanded Bailey’s face pretty smooth. There are a few scratches around her mouth and nose that I couldn’t quite sand away, but I was starting to erase details in her lips so I figured I need a fine sanding tool of some kind…   I’m fine with it anyhoo, I’m just glad to have her done up :D  She probably won’t stay like this, but I’m trying it out for now. And just a reminder that I’m not using sealant of any kind :)IMG_20170810_1114509IMG_20170810_1115520IMG_20170810_1116108IMG_20170810_1113140I’m crazy about the winged eyeliner and septum piercing… but my eyeshadow is super patchy, it was darker but I took most of it off :b   I learned a bunch of things and am excited to try again

Customizing dolls = fun


My little sister has gotten really into  customizing dolls and asked if we could repaint some of her monster high dolls. I thought this was the perfect way for her to enjoy them again, as she’d sort of lost interest in playing  with them. We didn’t have any sealant, and I  explained to her that the watercolor pencils wouldn’t work like they do in the repaint videos she watches :b But she was gung ho to do it regardless.

She repainted this Rochelle doll, and did a crazy awesome job!

I decided to experiment on my Frankie I’ve intended to make into a Sally custom. (please excuse her awkward and scary looking neck, lol)

I thought it went fairly well and looks pretty  good, I wanted to outline her eyes with the watercolor pencils but they wouldn’t stick XD  here are some other dolls I  painted a bit… I really like using the black I have, it dries so nicely.

I gave a LIV girl a new face too! I’ve wanted to try giving a doll splattered on freckles so badly. So here’s the resultIMG_20170803_1345243

She looks like a watercolor painting :/ I’m not really sure how I feel about the freckles they  were fun to do though.

Now I really want to practice on Bailey! I got the sandpaper I ordered finally… so we’ll see what happens.

Blythe swap – Movie magic


I had taken a break from swaps while I was moving, but since finding my self a bit more settled I decided to sign up for the May swap – movie magic! I was so excited to participate in this theme, especially after finding out that my swap partner and I have a handful of favorite movies in common. We both listed The nightmare before Christmas as a favorite and Michelle mentioned that she liked sci-fi movies and Disney’s “Up” (another favorite movie of mine!) Upon reading this I was instantly inspired to make an “Up” themed dress, with a cute little house being carried away by a cloud of balloons! Here’s Coralie modeling my creation, I’m calling the “Up dress”:

IMG_20170526_1822531IMG_20170527_1545109I’m so happy with how it came together!! The set includes the dress, socks, necklace, hair pin, adventure book prop, and a dog with a removable leash.

Next I wanted to add some sci-fi to my package. I had some silver material that was perfect for making an “otherworldly” outfit. I constructed a wrap dress with red toggle bead closures. I then made a little pair of silver bloomers and a tulle skirt to fill out the dress. Lastly I included a pair of antenna hair clips, and a star necklace. Here’s Bailey as a galactic girl.


Lastly, I wanted to add something nightmare before Christmas themed! My man suggested I make Sally’s dress from the movie, so I began thinking of ways to go about making one. I decided I’d try painting the pattern on white fabric. I than hand sewed all the little stitches. Here’s how it looks on Morgan:

IMG_20170526_1823230IMG_20170527_1547444I love it! And had a blast making it. I’ve never tried painting on fabric before, it was fun and I really like the outcome!

I made/included a couple of other little things in Michelle’s package. Including this hama bead alien brooch, in human and Blythe size.  The human sized one has a standard pin back, whereas the Blythe sized one is magnetic.


Thanks for reading!


Dolly shelf


I bought a new shelf for my sitting room and I’m super happy with it, only $10!


It’s got the perfect spot on top to display my little room box.IMG_20170614_1258470I just love the little curved details on the top shelf.


I also redressed my girls :3