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Doll Extravaganza 2018!


Doll extravaganza was lots of fun. I didn’t get to look around as much as I’d wanted but I picked up a few cute things. First, I bought a Pullip!! Pullip Peter Pan, she came with her stock tunic, leggings, shoes and belt. She was cheap $25. I also bought a pink bjd wig from a vendor selling a huge variety of bjd stuff and popped it on her. Her original wig is actually really nice but I wanted to be able to switch it up.    I also picked up a cute pom pom purin for $3 and a super duper adorable bebichhichi for only $8!!! I love her so much!! Definitely my favorite item. Hmmmm… I actually got a big fleece SpongeBob blanket too that I really like!!

IMG_20180318_1707560IMG_20180318_1705570IMG_20180318_1706134IMG_20180318_1708426IMG_20180318_1653585Here’s Bailey in the Peter Pan wig :b IMG_20180318_1818112and everyone together!!



Finally XD


My coolcat order is here!! It took about 2 months but it’s finally here. Check it out!!


I bought 3 pairs of boots and one pair of shoes. I love the shoes and the hiking style boots, but the granny boots I’m not really happy with. They are soo cute but look kinda funny on the blythe body. They were listed as fitting blythe, pullip and pure neemo, but I find that they are way too tight on the pure neemo body. I can shove the feet in but it’s really difficult and they still don’t really fit great. They also need to be put on with a thin pair of socks so the foot doesn’t fall off inside the boot…. Still they’re cute.

South Park Phone Destroyer


20320-SouthParkHello everyone this is just a shout out to anyone out there looking to join a team. We’re looking for active members to join: Thepatrickduffy




I’ve got 2, no 3 girls on my list right now (but I’m sure that will change, as it already has;) I would LOVE to have these girls one day!! All are rbl’s, apparently I have a thing for radiant girls.

Nostalgic Pop            SONY DSC              I really wanted NosPop and bought a tbl that looked a bit like her, but since bonding with Zoey I realized she’s just making me want NosPop more :3

Urban cowgirl urban-cowgirl1I love this girls natural face up and long brown hair. I’d love to make her my little “mini me”

University of love 20121018universityoflove01_pcI love her cute hair!! I fell in love with maidensuit‘s girl Lamb a while back and since then I’ve wanted a university of love of my own!!



Custom Blythe


I’d been looking for a custom girl for a while now, not really sure of what I wanted. I was interested by a few girls but either I took too long deciding on whether to get them, or was informed that the adoption fee was way out of my range. Or I liked the girl but didn’t like her hair or eyechips ect.

I found a few artists on etsy selling customized faceplates, so you can basically build your own custom, and that’s what I chose to do. I ordered the faceplates from a seller called STOdolls.

They arrived yesterday and I really wanted her as a whole girl. So I quickly swapped everybody’s hair and eye mechs around and here she is with Coralie’s hair and Zoey’s eye mech.


I just love her little face its sooo cute and crazy photogenic!!! I think I’m going to give her this scalp, she looks great in it. Plus I’ve been thinking about changing Coralie’s scalp for a while now and I think I’ve found the perfect one for her!!!

I’d like to do a proper review of this girl, but I’ll wait for her eye mech, Coralie’s hair, and Zoey’s licca chan body to arrive. Then I’ll be inside everyone’s head for a proper review and comparison ;)

Oh, and I have yet to name this beauty, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Crown giveaway!!


Hey! So I’ve been making these awesome crowns lately and I was hoping I could get some feedback on them. Please let me know what you like or dislike about them and which one you like best. Everyone who leaves a comment is eligible to win a crown completely free! I’m going to announce a winner Sunday March 4.


Thanks so much for looking and best of luck!!


I’ve numbered the contestants as such:

1. Fee   2. Fallenangel   3. Aminttulip  4. Echeu 5. Anne

Than I just popped over to And our WINNER is #3 Aminttulip!!!


Dolly mail!!!


I went on an internet shopping spree all through December and treated myself to a bunch of doll things I’d been pining for all year. A sort of a Christmas present to myself :D   I wanted to wait to post this until they all arrived but my coolcat order is taking forever to get here. So I’m going to share everything else that has arrived and post the coolcat order later.

I ordered a pair of custom hats from erikosemporium. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Sarah and her hats are so beautiful, so cute, oh so nice! I really really love my new hats!! I also ordered a pair of winter coats from blablablythe. They’re so gorgeous, the details are just immaculate and they’re so well made. The last package to arrive was an eBay purchase from a seller called thestylehome. I ordered a set of 3 dresses, all identical in make and type of fabric used, but in 3 different colors. They are so awesome! A bit stringy on the inside, but I trimmed them all and I’m just so happy with them. I’m considering buying another set : b


Also, I’m thinking of doing a giveaway for a free hand made crown or flower crown!!